Pacific NW

Victoria BC


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Rather than arriving via Victoria’s beautiful harbor, my ferry landed at Sidney a small town about 30 minutes away by highway.  Canadian customs was unusually quick.  My first stop was Fisherman’s Wharf, a 15 minute walk from the harbor.  Locals will try to convince you to take a water taxi.



Seattle Street Photography


Seattle is a target rich environment for street photography.  There is always a crowd at the Pike Street Market, plus the downtown streets are packed with people.



Port Townsend in Black and White


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The one full day I spent in Port Townsend was rainy.  In fact, the original plan was to drive over to Hurricane Ridge, but I scrapped it on account of the weather.  Local residents say it is always beautiful except when the wind is blowing the wrong way past the paper mill.  From Port Townsend I took the ferry back to Whidbey Island, then drove North across Deception Pass to Anacortes, exactly the same place I was a week earlier when bound for San Juan Island.  From there I boarded a ferry to Sidney, BC in Canada.

Port Townsend


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After one night in Leavenworth I drove back to the coast and took a ferry to Port Townsend.  This was really poor planning.  It would have been a lot easier to tour the Cascades before going to San Juan Island, then stay out on the coast for the remainder of the trip.  Along the way that day I passed some funky stores and drove over the bridge at Deception Pass.  Port Townsend features a  weird outdoor sculpture exhibit that really can’t be called a park or garden.  Next time I go to Seattle I am not renting a car at the airport either.  The car sat in a garage for four days while I was there, with the parking costing $120 and the rental would have been about $120 less as well.

Lake Chelan and the North Cascades

North Cascades

North Cascades

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I took 8 AM ferry from San Juan Island to Anacortes and proceeded East on Highway 20 through the North Cascades.  The day would end at an overpriced motel in Chelan.  Most tourists in the area were from Washington State.

The main attraction in Lake Chelan is a boat that crosses the lake each day.  It passes first by lakeside homes, then through a long completely undeveloped area finally arriving at Stehkin, a settlement accessible only by boat or air.  Along the way there were sightings of mountain goats, deer and forest fires.  The night was spent in Leavenworth, a town decorated to look like a Bavarian village.

San Juan Island II

Against the Wind

Against the Wind

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On the second morning I went off in a Southwesterly direction and continued around the island on the West side eventually reaching Roche Harbor.

San Juan Island

Mount Baker

Mount Baker

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San Juan Island is known for its mild summers.  Unfortunately the temperatures were in the upper 80’s (30C) for the first two evenings and my hotel room was not air conditioned.  There is a lovely sculpture garden near Roche Harbor.  It is actually an art gallery as all pieces are for sale and unsold works are rotated out after two years.